Rutgers Federal Credit Union Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule
Effective July 01, 2016

Account History Printout

$3.00 per printout

Account Reconciliation

$35.00 per hour

Account Research

$35.00 per hour

ACH Return

$30.00 per item

ACH Stop Payment

$30.00 per item

Check Copy

$3.00 per check

Deposited Item Returned

$30.00 per item

Deposits/Funds/Verification Letter or Form Completion


Dormant Account

(charged 13th month of dormancy)

$10.00 per month

Early Withdrawal from Club Account

$5.00 per occurrence

Emergency Checks

$1.00 per 4



Excess Regulation D Transfer

$25.00 per transfer

Foreign Item Deposit

$5.00 per item

Home Banking Research

$35.00 per request

Levy Processing


Loan Late Payment

$30.00 per occurrence

Membership Share


Money Order Copy


Money Order Purchase


Negative Account Fee


Notary Service


$10.00 per document


NSF – Non Sufficient Funds

$30.00 per item

Official Check

Payable to member - Free

Payable to 3rd party - $5.00

Overdraft Privilege

$30.00 per item

Overdraft Savings Transfer Service

$5.00 per item

Primary Membership Closed

$10.00 (within 90 days)

Primary Membership Re-Opened

$10.00 (within 90 days)

Purchase Foreign Currency

Price varies

Replacement ATM Card


Replacement Debit Card


Returned Foreign Item Deposit


Returned Mail

$5.00 per item

Rush Order Plastic Card (Domestic)


Rush Order Plastic Card (International)

$60.00 + shipping fees

Same Day Payment by Phone

Price varies

Share Draft Printing

Price varies

Statement Reprint

$3.00 per statement

Stop Payment

$30.00 per request

Subordination Agreements


Visa EMV Travel Card

$5.25 per card

Visa Gift Card

$3.00 per card

Visa Late Fee


Visa Over Limit

$25.00 per occurrence

Visa Travel Card

$4.25 per card

Wire Transfer – Incoming


Wire Transfer – Outgoing



Wire Transfer – Outgoing