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Rutgers Federal Credit Union is a cooperatively owned, not-for-profit financial institution, organized in 1954. Currently Rutgers FCU has over $75 million in assets and approximately 8,900 members use our services. Rutgers FCU member deposits are insured up to $250,000 by National Credit Union Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), a federal government agency.

Board of Directors
Rutgers Federal Credit Union is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, who come from the credit union's membership. The directors are elected to three-year terms on a revolving basis, and meet monthly to review the status of the credit union and to determine policy and rates.

  • Chairperson: Terry Matilsky
  • Treasurer: Bill Williams
  • Secretary: Debra McNally
  • Director: Gordon Stankavage
  • Director: Marie Holowka-Bedatsky
  • Director: Arlene Buckley

Your RFCU Staff

  • President/CEO: Marie Holowka-Bedatsky   NMLS#715616
  • Vice President: Joanne Fabian   NMLS#715595
  • Assistant Vice President of Operations: Debbie Gassaway
  • Branch Supervisor: Heather Krushinski   NMLS #1162889
  • Business Development and Marketing Manager: Pamela Callender
  • Senior Accountant: Mabel Acevedo
  • Accountant: Laurie Pilla
  • Loan Specialist: Margaret Cartelli   NMLS#794599
  • Senior Member Service Representative: Shari Stess-Scott
  • Senior Member Service Representative/Collector: Sylvia Hill

Member Service Representatives:

  • Karen Vetter  NMLS #1165528
  • Jessica Alfaro NMLS #1265799
  • Carina Delong
  • Bob Riolo
  • Amaris Ciazzo
  • Jenna Smith
  • Ana Pitts
  • Max Walker
  • Virginia Montero
  • Amanda Fabian