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Taking a vacation or going on a business trip? The CU TravelMoney Card is the perfect item for your wallet or purse. The CU VISA TravelMoney Card replaces the old, cumbersome paper travel checks.

Load from $100.00 up to $5,000.00 on this instant issued card.

The CU TravelMoney is a must have with world wide cash access in local currencies in any travel destination. Free travel enhancements feature purchase security, travel and emergency assistance, lost luggage reimbursement, plus favorable foreign exchange rate and if lost or stolen the balance is refunded.

This VISA logo card can be loaded up to four (4) times giving you multiple opportunities to reserve hotels, car rentals, enjoy restaurants and even use ATMs.

Track spending and add more funds from the comfort of your home or hotel with the online management tool at www.cumoney.com.

If you did not use all the funds, tuck it away for your next trip or vacation as the card has an expiration date of up to 2 years.

Initial cost of the card is $4.00 - Agreement, fees, terms and conditions do apply to the use of the card.

The CU TravelMoney Card program is offered by RFCU to all our members, but the agreement, fees, terms and conditions are not maintained nor controlled by RFCU.

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