Phone Numbers:

  • Main Number - 732-445-3050
  • Debit & ATM PIN Change/Reset - 800-757-9848
  • Lost or Stolen Debit Card - 800-472-3272
  • Lost or Stolen Visa Card - 866-539-8693
  • Audio Teller - 855-278-3883
  • Events and site visits: 732-445-3050, Ext. 130
  • Student Loan Department - 855-267-4219
  • First Mortgage Department - 866-443-1819


To send us an encrypted e-mail:

Email has become the preferred and dominant method of corporate communication. However, email is not always a private conversation-it's easy for others to intercept and read.

At Rutgers Federal Credit Union, we take the privacy of business communication very seriously, which is why we offer secure two-way email communication via our custom-branded, secure message portal, ZixPort. To learn more about sending and receiving encrypted emails click here.