Share Savings

Whether you’re looking to meet short- or long-term saving goals, Rutgers Federal Credit Union offers a variety of accounts to help you save for the future. Have a look around and see what best matches your needs.

Rates as of July 19, 2017

Share Savings Account: A basic savings account that pays dividends on a minimum balance of $250.00. With no limit on the number of in-person withdrawals or transfers, it can be a good option to help get you saving with easy access to your money whenever you need it.

Money Market Account: With a Rutgers Federal Credit Union Money Market Savings account you get:*

  • A savings account earning a higher dividend rate
  • Easy access to your money when you need it
  • Dividends that are calculated daily, compounded, and paid monthly
  • Dividends start with a minimum balance of $2,000
  • Never a service fee

Club Accounts: Our Club Accounts* make saving for something fun all that more enjoyable. Get started with your choice of a:

  • Holiday Club Account. Especially designed for expenses that typically come up at the end of the year—holiday shopping, property taxes, or an annual insurance premium. Account matures November 1st, and funds are transfered into your Share account.
  • Vacation Club Account. By setting aside money for that long awaited vacation, you can fund all the fun without coming home to debt. Account matures April 1st, and funds are transfered into your Share account.
  • RFCU’s “ME” Club Account. It’s all about YOU. Account matures quarterly and allows you to choose your money release date.

*Restrictions apply, see Membership Booklet for more details.

Share Certificates: Lock in a rate and grow your money with a Share Certificate from Rutgers Federal Credit Union. If you want to save money that you don’t need to access right away, consider this savings option. Our CDs offer:

  • Competitive rates
  • A variety of flexible terms

*Restrictions apply.