EXForex Foreign Currency - Price Protection

Terms and Conditions

  1. To redeem Currency Price Protection (CPP) rate, a receipt is required.
  2. Any amount returned over the price protected quantity shown in the shopping cart is redeemable at current market rates.
  3. CPP applies to foreign currency only — not Traveler’s Cheques
  4. Redeem CPP in the following office 14 days of your return date. Send the currency to: eZforex.com, Inc. 3611 McCann Road, Longview TX 75605 *When shipping, use only the United States Postal Service and insure for the U.S. dollar equivalent.*
  5. Return the same or lower denominations as purchased. Coins are non–redeemable. Some large denominations are subject to manager approval.
  6. Personal identification is required when returning foreign currency in–person.
  7. CPP, shipping/handling, and security check fees are non–refundable.
  8. Only one buy back is permitted for each price protected currency.
  9. We do not accept mutilated, defaced, or out–moded currency.